The New Masjid Project at a Glance

As-Salaam-Islamic-Center-Composite-1This project will consist of a two story structure that will be constructed on the purchased plots of 108 and110 Lord Anson Drive.

The new facility will accommodate  approximately 350 believers for prayer services with an educational facility to serve pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. In keeping with meeting the needs of all of our members particularly our youth, a gymtorium will serve as the focal point for youth activities and may also serve as a multipurpose room for social gathering of many types.

Space for sisters and their young children will also be included along with a fully appointed commercial kitchen for meal preparations.

The library will serve as a resource center to house the archives of the rich history of pioneers who helped to establish Islam in the city and state. It will also be a place where one can study deeply into the tafsir/commentary of Imam W.Deen Mohammad.  An experienced architect will provide the designs and schemata for the project.   

The Board of Trustees of As-Salaam Islamic Center has negotiated the purchase agreement of 1.67 acres of land with houses on four lots comprising an entire neighborhood block at $280,000.00 The proposed complex will accommodate 350 believers in the prayer area (musallah) with 6-8 classrooms for an educational facility for pre-kindergarten through middle school, office space, a kitchen, multipurpose room/gym (gymtorium) and library.

There is an urgent need to expand our facility to meet the needs of our growing Muslim community and expand our educational endeavors to a full time school.

Outreach programs for the broader community will also include the use of some classrooms. The projected construction cost is 1.5 million for the 15,000 square footage of the structure. Currently ASIC has approximately $48,000 in the building fund account and is securing funding from individual donors, seeking grants and developing a capital campaign. To realize our goal of building a complex that meets the needs of its members and the community-at-large, additional support is needed from generous donors and organizations seeking to partner with us in our worthy efforts to establish a school with outreach services to southeast Raleigh.